Hello, human!

I want to tell you about an interesting fractals, which I discovered in 2002.

How do I find it? At the time I thought a lot about the nature of chaos: where does it come from, as there is order in the chaos, and how can I manually create chaos (mathematically).
Seeing the interference of the waves on the river, I thought that if we try to simplify the behavior of the waves as much as possible and create a model. Instead of concentric circles will use only the motion vector of the wave. And instead of reflecting coast will use the smooth reflective line of the rectangle.

Imagine my surprise when, instead of the interference, I discovered fractals - self-similar structure. A whole array of different fractals.

And imagine my surprise when I discovered that these fractals are similar to each other, if we use the properties of the sequence of Fibonacci numbers.

More details about the algorithm read here: About